Star Wars Custom Clone CL-7075

The Star Wars Custom Clone CL-7075 by SANDER is a Lieutenant in the Grand Army of the Republic and a very skilled assassin who was sent for spec-ops mission.

When he was send to the Sith Planet of Korriban for an undercover mission to capture a target alive which was heard to be hiding in an old Czerka building, his mind got tainted with the dark side, killing his target with anger.

Once he returned to the Jedi Temple, he received Order 66 as at the moment being the only clone together with a small amount of others. He executed it well killing over 25 Jedi.

Later his order where to send a distress signal to all the other Jedi in the galaxy and lure them into a trap. When Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grand Master Yoda arrived he turned again’t his own men because of the taint still possessing him. He was shot in the chest and died.

Great story line and nice custom minifig.

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  1. Thanks for blogging my figure, i really appreciate it.

    BTW, if you want like an interview, which i know you probably don’t need from me, you can contact me via the E-mail i gave or via Flickr.

    Thanks again!

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