squidman lego minifig

squidman lego minifig
squidman lego minifig by The Green Giant LEGO

this is one cool minifig, though i have to admit i’m not sure if its a custom minifig or a genuine minifig…anyone care to shed some light?

which leads me on to my next question, any thoughts on what you’d like to see as a lego minifig or a custom minifig?

3 thoughts on “squidman lego minifig

  1. It’s an actual figure from the upcoming Atlantis line. It’s most likely a prototype (like most figures in “preview” images the past couple years have been), which is why the painting/decor looks a little rough around the edges.

  2. cheers, i was getting confused as i know there was the atlantis set coming out but i was sure if this was a custom minifig or a lego one, regardless it looks cool huh?

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