Non-Lego accessories

These have been making the rounds through the custom minifig community, and Jasbrick is a big fan of making these look really good on his minifigs (apparently he gets then from wilkos) these custom minifig accessories are from a Korean Lego clone brand called Sluban, but they seem to be difficult to get ahold of, still whilst the quality isn’t as good as Lego, these make great custom minifig accessories, especially for those trying to do modern military or police minifigs.

The chest vest is pretty good, but the beret is a tad bit oversized, the Gas mask is pretty good and fairly well proportioned, and I beleive these guys also produce a custom minifig M1 helmet as well.


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  1. I have enough to restock Will’s supplies so he can get ’em back and running again on the site.

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