Nam Wreckin Crew

Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

The Nam Wreckin Crew is packed full of a range of must-have third party compatible LEGO pieces from a range of top designers. Inspired by the Dirty Dozen this team are the problem solvers for the US army.

The custom minifigures are a mix up of LEGO pieces from EclipseGrafx, Christo and Citizenbrick and work really well together. The guns, crates and most of the hats and helmets are by BrickArms.

The Team are Darryl “Heavy D” Payton, Tommy “Thumper” Johnson, Don “Tick Tock” Banner, Bob “Psycho” Busch, Ralph “Smokey” Polawski and are led by the ruthless Sergeant Frank Statton III.

A great photograph, well thought out storyline and some very nice minifigs!