MH-6 Little Bird MOC

Photo courtesy of Legohaulic

The MH-6 Little Bird which is also known as the Killer Egg, is an attack variant of the AH-6. They are light helicopters used for special operations in the United States Army. This MOC(My Own Creation) of the MH-6 Little Bird comes in woodland camouflage and looks excellent.

The minifigures look quite cool too especially the pilots in the cockpit, and we like the guy with a tree piece stuck to his back!

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2 Responses to MH-6 Little Bird MOC

  1. Seth says:

    The MH-6 is the transport variant, the AH-6 is the attack variant.

    This is an excellent little chopper. The details are marvelous, and the shape is captured beautifully.

  2. oops – my knowledge of helicopters is very limited! Actually I know nothing about helicopters, but a great build! 🙂

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