Metal Gear Vulcan Raven Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

Inspired by the Metal Gear Solid video game, Vulcan Raven was a member of FOXHOUND who participated in the unit’s revolt on Shadow Moses Island.

The path you walk on has no end. Each step you take is paved with the corpses of your enemies… Their souls will haunt you forever… you shall have no peace… Hear me, Snake! My spirit will be watching you!

This fantastic custom minifigure features sculpted combat trousers, desert boots and torso. The jet engine is from an old broken X-Wing fighter model  where the two halves have been filed down and glued together. The SI-DAN minigun comes with a BrickArms ammo chain.

Richard is now selling some of his amazing custom minifigures as G-Bricks Custom Design.