Metal Gear Solid 3 GRU Patrol Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This G.R.U. Patrol custom minifigure is inspired by the video game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Set in the Cold War-era Soviet Union, the story centers on FOX operative Naked Snake as he attempts to rescue a weapon designer, sabotage an experimental superweapon, and assassinate his defected former boss.

This minifigure tested out a new sculpting method for the balaclava head, it was a good try and the first sculpted balaclava we have ever seen, however it does look a bit bulky, unless the minifig had big ears! The rest of the minifigure features signature pouches and a very nicely sculpted camouflage jacket with a hood.

Overall the minifigure is nicely painted and comes with a great AK assault rifle. Once again G-Bricks is pushing the bounderies of sculpted custom minifigures.