Marcus Fenix Battle of Aspho Fields Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Pecovam

This Marcus Fenix custom minifigure is from the Battle of Aspho Fields earlier in Gears of War history. He’s a bit younger with a slightly dark jungle green colour style. The locust were not around yet so as you can see the remnants of a dead UIR(Union of Independent Republics) Soldier can be seen laying at his feet.

This excellent minifig features custom painted BrickAffliction Retro Coalition set (Armour, Wasitbelt, Retro Lancer, and Helmet), custom painted GW Dreadnought base, custom Ball jointed arm system, custom Decals done by Cygnet UD and printed by JPO, custom Sculpted and painted bandanna, and custom Sculpted and painted gauntlets.

What really stand-outs is the amount of detail in this minifigures not only in the sculpting but in the painting as well.