LegoLand windsor write up

Legoland windsor is located just out side of london in ..windsor, its a really picturesque and mountainous setting, and the park is located within easy distance from Windsor castle (another monument and normal home to the Queen), from the main entrence you can actually see windsor castle which is pretty cool.

You can get to Legoland windsor by car, train and there are regular bus and shuttle services to and from windsor, so its pretty accessible, we actually took a minicab from london to save time.

at the entrance you have to get your ticket altough you can also order them online, they are about £32 for an adult, but there are loads of family deals and 2 for one savers out there. so make sure you check the website first.It was a pretty sunny day when we went, and I’d definitely say that visiting legoland when its sunny is better than if it was wet and miserable, not least because the better rides are all outdoors, its also worth mentioning quite a few of the rides are wet rides so expect to get a little wet, and make sure you do these first thing in the morning rather than as the last ride of the day (then you have some time to dry off).

as far as atmosphere goes Legoland Windsor is really good, its more family oriented so you’re not going to find stag dos and hen do running arround or semi-pubescent teens trying to pick each other up. You’ll also notice a distinct lack of wandering costumed staff to take photos with which is a change from disney land.

The rides aren’t anything amazing, thats not to say they are crap, but rather, there’s nothing that stands out as amazing or particularly thrilling. there are two rollercosters that are pretty good and the usual log fall ride which is pretty good, but going to LegoLand windsor is more for children than adults so i suppose its not surprising there are no loops or inverts in the roller coasters, in this sense, everything in the parks firmly age 12 and below.

Qbot is a virtual queuing thingy ma jiggy similar to a beeper, we didn’t use it, but when queuing for the laser rider (NOT recommended) the true value of this comes in, we were stuck in the queue for over 2 hours, and just as we got to the end, apparently the ride broke down, leaving us waiting another half a hour before it got back up and running. And really after 2 hours in a queue for a ride that lasted about 10 minutes sitting in a car, and shooting at targets it was a pretty major anti-climax, had we used qbot at least it would have been more enjoyable.

Peppered around the park are lego MOCs which are really cool and near the entrance is a great gallery of MOCs as well as a viewing gallery for model makers where you can see them at work, thats pretty cool (Lego creation Center) The miniland is where the park really becomes Legoland with a sprawling landscape of Lego MOC that cover various cities, its particularly funny to see birds landing and walking through canary warf crushing cars and so forth.

Food at the park is pretty poor, its over priced and typical of all larger captive establishments like cinemas, with hotdogs, burgers, pop corn and such like on sale, you’re best bet is to go into one of the canteens to eat rather than eat from the vendors peppered around, it seems a little better in the canteens,  this being said all the food is healthy in the sense that its vetted by various healthly eating associations.

Over all the park was jsut another theme park if you get my drift, it seems like more of an effort could have been made to make it more Lego looking, but this isn’t to say it was bad, we just left feeling unfulfilled.

the Big shop which is the main Legoland store however was a real highpoint, its massive and has loads of lego on sale, its not exactly extensive but there are some good points.

Some of the larger Lego sets are on sale, as well as one of the larger pick-a-brick collections, best of all there are minifigs on sale at 4 for £3, whilst these are standard minifigs and limited in choice, if you’re in to making custom minifigs, this is a good place to pick up a few to experiment with.

It was a pretty fun expereince, probably really amazing for kids but for me i think one trip was enough, although i suspect Denmark (where lego is from) might prove to be more impressive)