Lego minifig collectors series 3

Lego minifig collectors series 3

hot off the press so to speak is this the first glimpse of the lego series 3 collectors minifigs? there’s some cool minifig here but, at least on first glance, some really crap ones too, the nice one IMO to note ate the gorilla, baseball player (thats the brickarms baseball bat lot then), the hula girl and tennis player, the fisherman and the hip hop beat box dude, note the rounded caps, thats definately cool, no more flat baseball caps for minifigs!

as i’ve stressed i’m not sure if this is genuine or even if these are the finals for the Lego minifig collectors series 3 but still, awesomeness.

so whats your favorite? which one would you want? any thoughts on which are going to be the rare minifigs?

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