LEGO CUUSOO Space Marines

I am not sure how many people follow the designs added to LEGO CUUSOO site, but the Custom Minifig comminity have been shouting out for official LEGO Space Marines for ages.

CUUSOO is a Japanese partner of the LEGO Group and work to produce community supported sets. If an idea submitted to the website gains 10,000 supporters, it stands a chance of being produced as an official LEGO product.

This Space Marines theme follows an intrepid band of Space Marines across the galaxy as they fight evil aliens and explore treacherous terrain. It’s got cool-looking Space Marines minifigures which could lend itself nicely to battle pack-style sets as well as a fleet of dropships, fighters, transports, mechs, and armored vehicles.

In addition to the obvious endless building opportunities, it would showcase an exciting range of LEGO weapons and accessories.

Great news is the concept as hit the halfway mark and LEGO left this message.

Congratulations on passing this milestone of 5,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO for the Space Marines! You’re halfway there!

All of your activity on this project is inspiring, and we love seeing the new things you come up with for a possible Space Marines theme.

Visit the Space Marines page and vote now!