Lego 1920’s Mafia custom minifig

 1920’s Mafia custom minfig by realdye

(1920’s Mafia custom minfig by realdye)

This cool Lego 1920’s Mafia custom minifig works so well,especially with the collection of custom minifig accessories, the part I particularly like is the custom minifig tommy gun and ammo clip.

11 thoughts on “Lego 1920’s Mafia custom minifig

  1. sell the mafia guy please he is so beast the tommy gun the knife the reavolver the suit the hat it all looks ammazing please sell it please on ebay that thing so cool i would just love to have it looks so ammazing and the ammo clip please that is just so ammasing that’s what i call craftsmenship please sell it

  2. # john, its not for sale. Get it in your system. Buy a lego tommy gun and attach a black minifigure hand to the front for the foregrip. simplez!

  3. We very much like the tommy gun. Is it for sale? If not, where could we purchase one? Thank you

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