Junkyard Dreams

Junkyard Dreams
Junkyard Dreams by vìnn

Interesting Lego MOC

Dark. Hazy, like the smoke and dust of a burning plain. My eyes open wider, letting in the futile light, barely reveling that which is a few feet in front of me. I turn my stiff neck as far around as I can. What seems to be black obelisks tilt away from me. And then I realize, I am in a cage. I begin to scream, my voice echoing an reverberating inside the glass and steel cage. I breath in deeply, thoughts spinning in my head about how I came to be here. The last thing I can remember is the arctic winds, my cold cheeks, and the snow. Not now. All around me, spreading as far as I can see in the dim stagnant light, what seems to be a giant sea of mechanical parts strewn across the ground as if scattered by a hurricane. I am standing in my hermetically sealed chamber, my prison, in the middle of this giant wasteland. I look across the dead landscape of anything that might give me some recollection as to where I am or what happened to me, but all I can see are six other chambers such as mine, all different, but all with one major thing in common. Each prison contains one prisoner. All are sleeping. I know now that I should not be awake, and as if reading my mind, a sweet smelling, thick smoke begins to seep viciously into my chamber. My eyes begin to droop, and I fall back into the dream…

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