HAZEL-Fantsy -APC,TANK instruction GET THEM HERE

You asked for them and HAZEL, made them, now Custom minifig is going to help distribute them, sign up to our forum, and once approved you’ll get one of the instructions totally FREE! so you can make your own custom Gears of War Tank, if you’re keen to get the parts we’ll also be providing you with a discount from some of our partnered bricklink stores.

to make sure you’re going to get one of these instructions, make sure you sign up to our forum with a valid email address.

as for the other instruction set, well, you’ll just have to see! Who knows, you might get this absolutely free just for reading this blog 😉

15 thoughts on “HAZEL-Fantsy -APC,TANK instruction GET THEM HERE

  1. Could you please post a ‘link’ to your forum in the body of the above article to make it a little ‘easier’ for people to find.

    i know it can be found in the second farthest ‘sidebar’ from the right of the page, but the layout of your page makes locating things a little difficult.

    If you want any assistance in the future with the maintenance etc. of customminifig.com or the forum, feel free to contact me via e-mail, as i have a reasonable amount of ‘experience’ with such things.

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