HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover

HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover
HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover by HAZEL- 名もなき詩

some of you may know, i’ve just visited HAzel in hong kong, mainly to discuss how we can reduce the cost to you lego custom minifig fans for ALL the items in our collection, we’ve also looked at some new product ideas and how to improve delivery for everyone. here we have hazels new dirtbike cover which is designed to fit on the skeleton of the lego bike, this should be popular with non military builders.

as part of the expansion of Amazing Armoury’s collection and Lego accessories range (we actually do other items as well, 12 inch action man models, 1:1 scale accessories and airsoft stuff, not to mention gamesworkshop warhammer miniatures) – I’d like to find out from our fans a few questions, please add your comments below, and one lucky fan will get a SECRET prize send from me to you!

1. if we were to sell the entire collection as a package, realistically what would you be willing to pay?
2. what else would you like to see in the collection.
3. how much would you pay for a limited edition (numbered) chrome Jin Roh custom minifig
4. what can amazing armoury/customminifig/minifigshop do better? should we lower the cost of shipping? should we make more products? heres your chance to speak out!

9 thoughts on “HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover

  1. 1. £50 for an entire collection pack would be an ideal price point as items will be purchased as a bulk buy.

    2. More amazing armory melee weapons (I think that there’s only one knife in the whole collection and it’s out of production!)

    3. I personally don’t see a point of having a chrome version of the Jin-Roh figure as the depiction of the Protect Armor in the movies is usually just black or dark grey. But considering that standard version of the Jin-Roh figure is £22.00, I would say a very small production run of say 100 chrome figures for collectors at £27.00 to £30.00 is not too unreasonable. Considering the quality of the sculpt.

    4. The cost of shipping as it stands is very reasonable, but it would help some buyers if a trackable or an express postage option were to be offered. The design and sculpt of HAZEL’s items are impecable. However the finish of the plastic on the final items should be improved. For instance HAZEL’s dark grey is a 85% match of TLC’s, small details like colour matching are very important to lego fans and in the end make the product more genuine, and thus will make Amazing Armory more appealing than its competitors ie: Brickarms and Brickforge.

    However the biggest selling point that Amazing Armory has is that all of the items were hand sculpted.

  2. 1. I would probably pay between 125 and 175 dollars
    2. I would love to see some more modern stuff, such as modern military helmets, such as ones used by armies today. Basically some more realistic stuff, not just things from video games.
    3. 30 US dollars, maybe 40.
    4. I think that you should grab a bricklink store, and branch out to other customers, because at the moment you appeal mostly to minifig collectors and serious customizers, such as myself or Jasbrick. AA should try to appeal to all lego fans everywhere.

    Oh and where can I get the other, non-lego, products?

  3. I love his dirtbike cover true enough I’m not a military builder. I can’t wait to buy a few.

    1. Im not a fan of large packages of items, the price I would pay would depend mostly on how much was included. I would not pay more than $60 usd on a collection unless I wanted everything in it.
    2. More things that appeal to non-military builders but everything Hazel makes is awesome so I guess I’m undecided
    3. I would not be interested in buying one, unless I was giving it to someone else maybe $35~50USD
    4. The option to get tracking or express shipping, If not cheaper shipping if possible.

  4. 1. Maybe For the entire packet $125-150
    2. I agree with Edge on this one. More army type item such as helms equipment, etc.
    3. Maybe 30-50? I like the jin-roh fig but even for me the price is a little high.

  5. What’s the procedure for ordering the m1 helmets? I was thinking of ordering about 10 helmets. How much would they cost with shipping? Also I was thinking of ordering the German private hats, how much are they?

  6. 1.I wold be willing to pay between £50 &£60 for the entire collection but i think that given the variety of the items no one would buy it i think that a better method of bulk sale would be to separate the KZ items the GoW items and the rest of them
    2. i would like to if possible see some heavy jackets and some stuff from other games e.g. fallout or CoD also some halo covenant stuff
    3. a reasonable price would be about thirty pounds but i wouldnt buy it because i dont like the gas mask tube
    4. things that you could do better would be to not put stuff on pre order if you are going to make more stuff availiable

  7. 1) I think a better idea would be packs of different things, such as a helmet pack, an armor pack, weapons pack, etc…

    2)I would like to see more helmets ad armor. The detail of these pieces appeals to me more so than the details on the weapons.

    3) I would buy a chrome one for twenty dollars.

    4) Everything here seems in order. Reasonably fast shipping/shipping prices. I like the layout of the blog. The only disappointment is the high prices. I couldn’t buy to much with the money I have now.

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