HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover

HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover
HAZEL-Fantasy Dirt Bike Cover by HAZEL- 名もなき詩

some of you may know, i’ve just visited HAzel in hong kong, mainly to discuss how we can reduce the cost to you lego custom minifig fans for ALL the items in our collection, we’ve also looked at some new product ideas and how to improve delivery for everyone. here we have hazels new dirtbike cover which is designed to fit on the skeleton of the lego bike, this should be popular with non military builders.

as part of the expansion of Amazing Armoury’s collection and Lego accessories range (we actually do other items as well, 12 inch action man models, 1:1 scale accessories and airsoft stuff, not to mention gamesworkshop warhammer miniatures) – I’d like to find out from our fans a few questions, please add your comments below, and one lucky fan will get a SECRET prize send from me to you!

1. if we were to sell the entire collection as a package, realistically what would you be willing to pay?
2. what else would you like to see in the collection.
3. how much would you pay for a limited edition (numbered) chrome Jin Roh custom minifig
4. what can amazing armoury/customminifig/minifigshop do better? should we lower the cost of shipping? should we make more products? heres your chance to speak out!

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