Guardians of The Light Minifigures

Guardians of The Light is a great collection of custom minifigure warriors drawn from all the corners of the Real World by Baron von Brick. Once chosen, they accept their new path, swearing allegiance to their order. This group defends the western realm and comprises a handful of warriors each with a specialist skill.

From left to right:

Sir Rodric the Bold – A human knight, skilled with axes and pikes.
Reginald Greensleeves – A human warrior, skilled cross bow archer and swordsman
Lumin Lightspeed – An elven huntress, skilled scout and archer
Lord Bragon – A human paladin, previously served in the Emperor’s bodyguard, is a skilled leader and tactician, used to leading the charge and getting his hands dirty.
Mordy Mills – a Man-at-Arms, whose weapon skills and bravery have earned him respect.
Brand Hammerhand – Dwarven chieftain, who had to leave his clan due to a blood feud. His dwarven strength and knowledge of the old ways, make him worthy advisor to Lord Bragon. His battle skills are unsurpassed.