GOW #3 Photo Shoot

Custom minifig GOW #3 Photo Shoot

GOW #3 Photo Shoot – a custom minifig creation by The Knight (KJ)

really well painted custom minifig from KJ, though i think the paint was applied a little excessively so it looks quite thick. this tends to be a problem working with acrylics in certain colours, and usually you should consider painting several layers of the same colour, better to build up lots of thin layers which gives a smooth finish than slap on a thick layer and get streaks, you can see the streaks on the whit of the custom minifigs helmet. this being said i think you’ll agree the shading, layering on this custom minifig is superb.Custom Elements – Helmet, Armor and Gun by: Amazing Armory (Hazel), Vambraces by: Brickforge

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