FST Atomic Wanderers Custom Minifigure Pack

This Atomic Wanderers Custom Minifigure Pack by the Firestartoys Print Studio features The Atomic Gunslinger, The Atomic Optimist, and the Atomic Squire which are included, alongside a canine companion, fusion containment vessel and an exclusive A5 print. All the custom minifigure are UV digitally printed.

The Atomic Optimist comes with an iconic wraparound print, a custom 3D printed hairpiece and wrist accessory, and a custom Bricktactical vault pistol.

The Atomic Gunslinger comes with a second printed head, a custom 3D printed hat and Wasteland revolver, and a custom cut fabric coattail piece.

Finally, the Atomic Squire comes with a fantastically detailed pilot suit print, a double-sided head, and a delicious printed caviar tile.

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