Firestar – Panzer Crew

Firestar - Panzer Crew
Firestar – Panzer Crew by JasBrick

I ahve to admit, firestar toys are one tight operation, they really know their stuff and have brought custom minifigs to the masses. as you can see here they stock Jasbricks custom minifigs, but thats not all they stock, they also stock Amazing Armorys custom minifig items both the weapons and the vests, oh, and did i mention they also stock brickarms, and several other lego custom minifig accessories?

speaking with Paul, whos the man behind firestar toys, his aim is that Firestar toys becomes the Hub of custom minifigs, in my opinion he’s well on his way to doing this, the service is top notch and they are set up with delivery and service in mind, which is why we’ve transferred our retail operation to under their control.

Now make sure you check out jasbricks custom minifigs here.

and for those of you who prefer decals and detail check out the printed decals here, you can even request your own custom design. The designs are printed directly on to the torso so there are no stickers.