Fire Star Toys

Firestar toys are a new kid on the Lego minifig scene, well not exactly new but certainly one of the hot retailers, they’ve also been fantastic supporters of the custom minifig scene within the lego community, sponsoring this blog and helping out custom minifig makers. The firestartoys site has a fantastic range of products, both Lego products as well as Lego clone brands, if you’re looking for those all elusive vests and M1 helmets they stock sluban or cobi, depending on where you buy them, they also stock megablocks which may or may not appeal to custom minifig fans, certainly Lego fans will have bone or two to pick!

firestar lego custom minifigs

Best of all they stock minifigs, so you can buy just the minifigs with out the lego bricks, even better and a real sign that they support custom minifigs is the fact they stock Jasbricks hand made custom minifigs and brickarms weapons. from what i hear they’ll be stocking other custom minifigs and minifig accessories.

you can visit the firestartoys store here
they’ve also got a blog and a twitter account.