Crysis Nanosuit Custom Minifigure

Crysis Nanosuit Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Crysis Nanosuit Custom Minifigure has been hand painted by the amazing skills of Geoshift which is a great way to showcase the equally amazing sculpting skills of Brick Affliction. This Nanosuit 2 is made up of 8 pieces, Custom Sculpted Legs (x2), Custom Sculpted Arms(x2), Custom Sculpted Hands(x2), Custom Torso and Custom Head Sculpt. The bow is acompound bow by Brickforge which has had some major modifications to fit with the theme.

The colour combination is spot on and the amount of time and effort put into this minifigure is clearly visible. The detailing is crisp and the stand-out features are the red visor, the hands and the shadow detailing on the bow.

An excellent custom minifigure and very nice background to showcase it!

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