clear lego custom minifig

clear lego custom minifig

(clear lego minifig by fine clonier)
This transparent Blue custom minifig was made by Fine Clonier (know for custom minifig decals), apparently it was custom made, compression moulded based on the standard Lego minifig. Whats really cool is how a custom minifig builder could use such a transparent minifig, and the next step would be to see how custom decals could be used to give this transparent minifig more character, Tron fans and sci-fi minifig fans could have a field day with a transparent minifig like this. However to compression mould such a minifig could be quite difficult, whilst resin moulds might not give as good a quality of finish.

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  1. Alex says:

    how did u make this? where can i buy it? are there different colors for the minifig?

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