Christo Custom Minifigures

Christo is an amazing custom minifigure maker and located in South Africa. His range of unique custom minifigures have been sought after and collected by many serious LEGO fans. Christo’s minifigures are inspired by characters from the Star Wars universe and Super Heroes that LEGO in the most have not yet released.

All his custom minifigures are machine printed and are of the highest quality, and many of them actually look better than the LEGO releases. All the molded parts he designs and uses are from ABS plastic which is the same that LEGO uses.

Here are Venom, Spider Man and Carnage which are just a few from the Spiderman universe.

Here are just a few of the custom Iron Men and War Machine minifigures, plus of course Tony Stark.

You can buy Christo custom minifigures at