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Looks like the lego company finally decided to make a SWAT like vest, just look at it, this will be some of the best TLC accesories ever made. This will be good vest for special forces and maybe people will make some impressive camo decals. The will be available in the new agents sets.

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4 Responses to Bulletproof!

  1. Good find, Jasbrick will be happy with this, seems a little lacking in detail though, needs some good customization.

  2. it’s still a prototype andit will have a agents logo and yes, jasbrick will be happy 😀

  3. Jasbrick says:

    No… I will not be happy…. I will be flipping ecstatic! I saw this on Flickr and went ballistic. The design is perfect for me 😀

  4. Andromula says:

    You forget who else is out there! I’m going to have a field day when these come out!

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