BrothersFigure Undead Warbird & Warchick Custom Minifigures

The Undead Warbird and Warchick Custom Minifigures are the latest releases by BrothersFigure and look amazing. Limited to just 200 both these custom minifigures feature pad printed heads, torso, arms and legs.

The headpiece and wings are their own design and custom made specifically for these minifigures and the detailing looks fantastic.

BrothersFigure also has 3 other minifigures in the Undead series and they are the Undead Knight, Undead Steel and Undead Stalker.

Included with these minifigures are the hairpiece and head for an exclusive minifigure, the Diamond Empress(Gold).

Buy the Undead Warbird & Warchick Custom Minifigures while stocks last!