BrotherFigures Corrupt Knight Custom Minifigure

Corrupt Knight

After years of fighting Batman as Two-Face, Harvey Dent got a shot at redemption when he filled in as Gotham’s protector during DC Comic’s 52 storyline, while Batman traveled the world for a year to get his mojo back. Although Harvey didn’t wear the Bat-Costume then, he eventually appeared in the ridiculous costume pictured above to battle Dick Grayson.

BrotherFigures Corrupt Knight Custom Minifigure

This Corrupt Knight Custom Minifigure is a very high quality pad printed minifigure by BrothersFigure. The head, torso and legs are professionally pad printed. The torso is also covered with their new “Diamond Coating” technique on all 4 sides to give the printing a clear edge!

The helmet is spray painted and the multi-colored cloak is made of printing plastic. A custom printed coin is also included. Finally he is packed in a plastic box and comes with a metal numbered /250 collectors plate.

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