BrickArms Gunmetal Tiger Camo Weapons

Made of durable ABS plastic BrickArms guns are designed using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and the results are absolutely amazing. These latest Gunmetal Tiger Camo pieces have the artistic sculptural feel of the actual guns, but are scaled down so that your LEGO minifigures can be armed and fully loaded.

This BrickArms M16-AGL combines power and accuracy, and the perfect choice for minifigure soldiers in the jungles of the Far East or the desert battlefields of today!

Earth Defense engineers have designed this BrickArms XBR4 Battle Rifle 4 increasing the firepower, by sacrificing additional weight and ammo capacity. Minifigure Marines in dedicated front line deployment have welcomed the new experimental rifle with open arms!

Compact and lightweight, this BrickArms XM7 can suppress any alien infestation or invasion! When your minifigures need to get the drop on the aliens, this is the gun of choice.

These and many more are all available online from your official BrickArms reseller.