BrickArms Chakram – Light Disc

BrickArms Chakram - Light Disc
BrickArms Chakram – Light Disc by BrickArms

now this is really impressive, whilst i feel that some of brickarms stuff was a bit erm rubbish (m1), this is totally awesome injected glow in the dark ABS and voia la the tron identity dick that features so heavily in both films (yes there was actually an 80’s version) i can see thing being a big seller.

15 thoughts on “BrickArms Chakram – Light Disc

    1. as a general rule if you’re asking for free protos, they’ll ignore you…your best bet is to buy some of their stuff regularly then ask nicely with your next order. its not that often they give out protos to random ppl.

  1. actualy I just need one and am willing to trade for it but since brickarms forums aren’t working, I need to tell them that they aren’t.

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