Brick Moc Grid User and Grid Program Custom Minifigures

Brick Moc Grid User Custom Minifigure

Brick Moc have just released the Grid User and Grid Program custom minifigures which were inspired the Tron Legacy 2010 American science fiction film released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Brick Moc Grid Program Custom Minifigure

Both these digitally printed minifigures come with custom printed cards and also a custom injection moulded BrickArms prototype Tron disk in black. Only 100 of each were made and they have been selling very quickly.

The design looks excellent and they come with printing on the torso (front and back), arms and legs. They have a plain black head with a standard black LEGO helmet.

Be sure to check out this video review:

You can get these excellent custom minifigures from the official Brick Moc UK reseller.