Andy Howlin Mad Interview

Here at Custom Minifig we love talking to people who are as crazy about Lego as we are. So we were delighted when Andy Howlin Mad volunteered to do one of our interviews:

How did you first get into custom minifigs?

I’ve always loved Lego. My favorite part has always been the minifigures. They are like bridges that allow fans to cross to a whole world of imagination. One of my favorite things to do is mix up minifigures. I love the USMC and Military (as most boys do) and wanted to mix my two favorite subjects, military and Lego. I searched up the appropriate accessories and began customising.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from many different sources. Most of my ideas revolve around my imagination and I think them up, but what really amazed me are Lego Junkie’s builds, Empty Sandbox, and Andrew Somers, and PA (Semer Fi)

If there was one character that you wished Lego could produce who would it be?

If there was one character I would want Lego to produce, it would be more of a quartet… the A-team! I love the A-Team show from the ’80s and am thinking of customising my own! Those guys are great!

What do you think of the Lego Collectors minifigures series?

I think the Lego Minifigure series is a very good idea. It allows Lego to grow out of certain themes and branch out. The idea is really good, and lots of stores are selling out: also, many companies are liking the whole mystery figure. MegaBloks recently came out with Halo Mystery Packs soon after Lego released theirs.

Are you currently on any new projects?

Actually, I am! For my school research project I am working on the WWII battle of Iwo Jima. I have decided to do the same with Lego and re-inact the beach landing. I will create Japanese soldiers and a USMC Regiment, as well as an AMTRAC and Mt. Suribachi.

Do you have any tips to pass onto other customisers?

I love giving tips and assisting other Lego builders, so here are some tips:

Always believe in yourself. No matter how cheesy that sounds, it is very true, if you try you will at least get a chance of success.

Stick to paint and decals – marker smudges and doesn’t look as great.

Get a good mental picture of what you are doing before you make it.

Don’t be afraid to invest money- it will be a whole lot worth it.

Third party accessories such as BrickArms, Minifig.Cat, Amazing Armory, BrickForge, etc. make great weapons for minifigures