Alpha Strike Member Black Baron Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of kevinmboots77

This Alpha Strike Member Black Baron Custom Minifigure aka Black Reich Agent#003 comes with a great storyline:

Not much is known of the man who was once called the Black Reich. He was born Grimald Hartmann in 1724 in a small village in the Bavarian Forest. His first 110 years seem to have went by with out incident, other than not aging past the age of 25. An incident is 1835 made him aware of his ability to survive almost anything. What that incident was is unknown. His mercenary career started during the American Civil War fighting for the South. He later fought for his Fatherland in WWI. He started to wear a black gas mask during this time. He became a decorated German War Hero. Then he disappeared until the second World War.

He quickly signed on with the Nazi party to help the Fatherland become strong once again. He became one of the SS’s top Secret Police agents and assassin. He fought Captain America on several occasions durning WWII. Their last meeting, close to the end of the War changed his life. Captain America spared his life as he had found a way to end the Black Riech’s life. This jester made Hartmann realize what the Nazi’s were not who he thought they were. He helped Cap to stop Hydra and the Nazi behind the scenes. After Captain America was lost and the War ended he returned to the small village of his youth. He would was occasional called upon by the newly started S.H.E.I.L.D. to help deal with Nazi and Hydra weapons and criminals that came to the surface over the next 60 years. Calling himself the Black Baron he helped to keep the peace.

When Captain America was found and started Alpha Strike to combat the new evils of the modern world, the Black Baron was one of the first to join. His training and assassin skills have become a great asset to the team.

The minifig looks pretty good but what really turns this into a great minifigure is the fantastic photograph. The lighting creates some amazing shadowing on the minifigure to make him look very menacing.