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ok, so no custom minifigs or even images, Hazel and the team in HK just gave me a shout…turns out the guys have been working on some massive projects. there are 12 inch figures (non-lego) for Halo and killzone planned. There 28mm warhammer style figures planned and much, much more.

as far as custom minifigs are concerned we’ve just launched a massive massive range of new products on minifigshop.co.uk, along with a small collection of shmails custom minifigs (tehre are only a couple of these so make sure you get your hands on them fast)

we’ve got the killzone collection and some other items like jin roh selling like total hot cakes.

SO for you Star wars Lego fans. We are about to launch ALL the starwars light sabres as a single set, it works out that as a set each light sabre is going to cost less than £1 and potentially less than US$1!!! talk about cheap. obviously these are going to be as detailed, if not more so, than Amazing Armorys previous work. But the down side is Lego already has light sabres and hazel is in two mind about launching these…so he’s asked to get your opinion…so Star wars lego fans, who here wants over 20 light sabres at less than £1 per light sabre? any thoughts? want one? tell Hazel why we should be pushing to get CHROME customized minifig light sabres!

6 thoughts on “AA – Star wars fans LOOK HERE NOW! products

  1. Personally I would suggest staying clear of Lego licensed themes… if you are talking about generic (and very different to TLC fantasy energy sword hilts) then I would say go for it… however if it is just going to be exactly the same then I would advise against it. Just my opinion.


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