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Lego fashion accessories

It seems that the fashion crowd have run out of decent ideas and have decided that retro look means digging into their Lego box to find bits and pieces to make fashion accessories out of, suffice to say the only reason they are cool is because they use Lego bricks, but lets be serious for a moment, Lego belongs on the table, its not fashion, and much as I love lego, you would be a serious idiot to wear any of these fashion accessories.

I suppose the good thing is that its cool to see Lego customization appear where you don’t  expect it.

lego fashion

lego fashion 2

lego fashion 3

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Custom minifig hair

Lego minifig hairstyles

(custom Lego minifig hair by batbrick)

Adding personality to your custom minifigs isn’t jsut about adding decals with nice graphics or throwing in the latest Brickarms accessory, personality of a custom minifig can also be created using hairstyles and head pieces, whilst looking for other cool custom minifigs i came across this miange by batbrick, using the same Lego head and torse batbrick has changed the hair of the minifig, and this highlights how different hairstyles or events hats/helmets can have a great effect in changing the personality and impression a custom minifig gives, so when you’re designing your custom minifigs, you’ll want to factor this in as a consideration.

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