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Arbiter custom MOC minifig

Arbiter custom MOC minifig by odst7

This is an interesting Abiter (i’m not sure what that is), anyways totally custom made from Lego parts, i particularly like the hoofed legs, pretty cool, i’m guessing you could potentially take the Legos off this MOC and use them on a custom minifig looking at how they are constructed at the waist.

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Arbiter custom minifig

***image of custom minifig removed at Jasbrick’s request***

(Arbiter custom minifig by jasbrick)

Jasbricks customizing hands have been at it again, it looks like he’s going through an alien phase, or could this be the start of a whole new series of minifigs? Never the less, you have to look closely at this minifig as some of the custom elements such as the weird squid mouth helmet thing is impressive.

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