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Non-Lego accessories

These have been making the rounds through the custom minifig community, and Jasbrick is a big fan of making these look really good on his minifigs (apparently he gets then from wilkos) these custom minifig accessories are from a Korean Lego clone brand called Sluban, but they seem to be difficult to get ahold of, still whilst the quality isn’t as good as Lego, these make great custom minifig accessories, especially for those trying to do modern military or police minifigs.

The chest vest is pretty good, but the beret is a tad bit oversized, the Gas mask is pretty good and fairly well proportioned, and I beleive these guys also produce a custom minifig M1 helmet as well.


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Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories

Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories1

(Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories by unknown)

Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories2

(Lego Apple custom minifigs and accessories by unknown)

These two photos show how main stream media has clearly had an impact on the way Lego minfig builders have translated this into Lego, Steve Jobs is shown in the second photo with a minfig ipod, whilst the first photo shows a beautiful white minifig with the distinctive click wheel of the ipod as a decal on it. This actually speaks volumes about how to build custom minifigs, because Lego simplifies things, any custom parts also need to be simplified to the core basics to illustrate the object and make it recoginzable, if the object was to be designed too detailed it wouldn’t work well with Lego, if it was too simplified it wouldn’t be recognizable.

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Lego fashion accessories

It seems that the fashion crowd have run out of decent ideas and have decided that retro look means digging into their Lego box to find bits and pieces to make fashion accessories out of, suffice to say the only reason they are cool is because they use Lego bricks, but lets be serious for a moment, Lego belongs on the table, its not fashion, and much as I love lego, you would be a serious idiot to wear any of these fashion accessories.

I suppose the good thing is that its cool to see Lego customization appear where you don’t  expect it.

lego fashion

lego fashion 2

lego fashion 3

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Lego custom minifig Segway

Lego custom minifig Segway

 (Lego custom minifig Segway by unknown)

If you look at the right hand Lego object, thats a Segway, a rather interesting mobility device,  in the center you ahve a custom made Lego bike and to the right a Lego custom minifig scooter. Pretty cool, and they look really good, not least because they suit the respective minifigs. Point to note about the minifigs, notice the feet, particularly the girlrs, notice how they have been customized to look like bobby socks? Pretty sweet. The reason for showing these custom minifigs and pointing out the Lego segway is to show the potential of using Lego as a means of depicting objects, really when making a custom minifig, you’re only limited by your imagination. And when it comes to Lego custom minifig accessories, if you can think it up, there’s a way to make it.

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Custom MiniFig’s first Lego vignette

So Lego mini fig customization is pretty new to me, prior to this I was a competition winner with various Warhammer custom projects, which involved a lot of painting, sculpting and planning.

My Idea is to create a usable custom mini fig vignette which doubles as a custom minifig chess set. The planned theme for this custom minifig diorama, is the British Army in parade uniform and combat fatigues, the chessboard would also be made of lego, with black square being green and white squares being brown. Layers would be created to give the custom Lego minifig chessboard some depth making it look like terrain whilst still allowing the chess set to be playable.

The chess pieces would naturally be made by custom designed Lego minifigs with BrickArm weapons. These custom minifigs would have accessories and decals to make them fit in with the respective colours of each theme. Each type of minifig would represent a particular part of the British Army, these are as follows:

Combat side
Pawns would be infantry- Gurkhas minifigs to be specific
Castles would be Para minifigs
Horses – sniper minifigs
Bishops – RPG  minifigs
Queen – SAS  minifig
King – General minifig

Parade side
all the pawns would be infantry- Guards minifigs
the castles would be artillary minifigs
horses – cavalry – blues and royals minifigs
bishops – Drum major minifigs
Queen – spy (james bond?) minifigs
King – General

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