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Bonesaw Warzone Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Bonesaw Warzone custom minifigure by Geoshift is late in his career, a grizzled veteran, having been all over the world and involved in many missions.

The printed parts are excellent and of course Geoshift has made a few modifications to add his own stamp. The tattoo is a waterslide decal, and even the background looks awesome.

This minifigure carries a knife and a nicely painted Brickarms M16-AGL.

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Desert Trooper Minifigure By Geoshift

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Desert Trooper Minifigure By Geoshift is a very clean custom minifig and the combination of LEGO pieces work well together and the detailing is nicely painted.

The Boonie Hat is by Brickarms, Vest, heavy pack, radio by Tiny Tactical, Belt and holster by, Face decal by Roaglaan, Legs by eclipseGrafx and M4A1 RIS by Tiny Tactical.

The Boonie Hat looks great!

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COG Soldier Custom Minifigure by Geoshift

This COG Soldier custom minifigure by Geoshift looks amazing with vibrant colours and a top paint job! The stand-out features are the detailing on the armour, weapon, vambraces and even the hands.

I wanted to keep this one simple and stay true-to-form with the Gears Universe, while introducing just a bit of color to the mix. The detail on this armour that Andrew sculpted is really outstanding. The design allows you to paint in a very detailed way with several different colors if you like, or just use a few colours and approach it in a more general way. I’m looking forward to seeing variations that others in the community create with these pieces.

If this custom minifigure by Geoshift doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

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Loki Unleashed Custom Minifigure

This Loki Unleashed Minifigure by Geoshift the master of custom minifig building is amazing.

When I saw the new Avengers sets I immediately knew that I wanted to use the Loki headgear in a custom build. So, I decided to do this with a color variation that’s a little different than we usually see on Loki. This is Loki Unleashed…he is at the height of his power and the forces of good better beware!

In our opinion this custom version of Loki is more accurate than than LEGO version. The addition of the chest armor and an amazing colour scheme together with flawless painting just makes this minifigure incredible. Not to mention the custom staff.

So which one do you prefer?

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ODST Bullfrog Custom Minifigure

The Bullfrogs was a nickname given to a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers specializing in the use of jetpacks in Halo Nation. This ODST Bullfrog custom minifigure by top customiser Geoshift is absolutely amazing!

Using a new jetpack from Brick Affliction which fits perfectly with the Brickforge ODST armour and helmet this minifig has an expertly painted grey/charcoal effect by dry brushing with the paint on the brush being a bit thicker than you normally would.

Amazing job!

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