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George Lucas FST Custom Minifigure

FST Customs have just released this George Lucas Custom Minifigure. He comes with a fantastic printed LEGO tile.

Each FST minifigure is created using a mixture of genuine LEGO and custom brand parts. They are limited to around 20 depending on the availability of the parts.

Be sure to check out this fantastic wave of FST Custom Minifigures now.

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Black Star Custom Minifigures

Black Star Minifigure are a relatively new vendor to the custom minifigure world. Their first minifigure was a Joker inspired character and their second the Elderly Knight a collaboration with Crosscheck Figure.

The latest Black Star project is inspired by the Batman 2004?The Young Knight of Gotham. BlackStar have released three different batman versions from the animation, which have their own custom helmet and two-color cape, as well as perfect 4-side Pad printing, unique collection certificate, signed paper posters and exquisite packaging.

The three versions are:
The Young Knight: limit to 50.
Anti-Freeze Knight: limit to 25.
Stealthy Knight: limit to 25.

Check out all the latest releases by Black Star Minifigure now.

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BrickWarriors Dwarf Weapons

If you’re a big minifigure fantasy, LOTR or D&D fan, then these awesome parts by BrickWarriors will be perfect for your next creation.

These custom Dwarf weapons are always hugely popular and are LEGO compatible pieces produced in high quality ABS plastic.

Grab them now before they sell out!

So if you’re looking for that perfect extra detail in your next LEGO Moc, then checkout the rest of the BrickWarriors range.

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The Kung Fu Fighting Custom Minifigures

Mini have just released 2 fantastic UV digitally printed Kung Fu Fighting Custom Minifigures.

The Karate Commando, an internet-proclaimed master of everything, is a metaphorical mountain of a minifigure! He’s a karate master and, if his filmography is to be believed, is an indestructible demi-god. All we truly know is that if he steps on a brick, the brick feels the pain!

A Kung-Fu legend famed for being too fast to film. As well as mastering the art of the One-inch punch, he was equally unrivalled in his use of the nunchaku. Even the Karate Commando met his match when he was face to face with The Dragon!

Each custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging and features a range of accessories.

You can buy both these custom minifigures at Mini now.

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Clone Army Customs Mandalorian Helmets

Clone Army Customs (CAC) continue to be a favourite brand of hardcore Star Wars fans and these new Mandalorian Helmets are going to be an instant hit.

As well as an awesome selection of hundreds of Star Wars helmets they also stock a massive range of CAC cloth accessories such as waist capes and pauldrons as well as their exclusive selection of serious blaster weapons.

Check out all the latest releases by Clone Army Customs now!

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