Zomdromeda Astrograve Custom Minifigure

This Zomdromeda Astrograve Custom Minifigure is another great new UV digitally printed minifigure by Mini figures.com.

Being a zombie stuck in outer space can be a very lonely time, and anyone you do meet tends to run away screaming. At least you’d think that’s what they’re doing, it’s a bit hard to hear! Despite this, Zomdromeda has found a companion, and it appears he’s become quite attached!

Zomdremeda comes with a slime covered radio, a retro Ray-gun and a gross slime covered print! Take care as her super space helmet is painted!

This custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging.

You can buy the Zomdromeda Astrograve Custom Minifigure at Mini Figures.com now.

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