Woody64 cool custom minifig headgear

Woody64 cool custom minifig headgear

(Lego French soldier custom minifigs by woody64)

Woody64 got in touch to tell me about his cool project he had going creating custom minifig  head gear and accessories via a third party production site, you can check out his store here. The designs are brilliant and really detailed and scaled perfectly for lego minifigs so brilliant for customization, but I can’t tell from the site what the finished results look like close up certainly from the photos, they look like they are made out of some sort of foam rather than a solid plastic. Still if you’re planning on creating an army of nepolionic custom minifig troops, theres no better place to look.

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  1. woody64 says:

    The items are made of a material called “white strong & flexible” (Polyamide PA 2200).
    You can see a sculpture here: http://www.shapeways.com/topics/udesign/about/material-options/flexfront.jpg

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