Winter German

Winter German
Winter German by ßantha

nice winter german custom minifig, the white stahlhelms are really cool as is the tiny tactical anti tank weapon and the brickforge ammo pouches, whats missing from this is the brickarms rifle.

2 thoughts on “Winter German

  1. Whoah.. Those white ammo pouches look great! I love the decal too. Man, I’ve really got to get some of those ammo pouches ; )

    Also, customminifig, I’m very sorry I haven’t been very active… I did post a bunch of new things lately though! Just go ahead and check my photostream.

    By the way, out of curiosity, have you shipped out the packages?


    1. still didn’t get round to sending the packages…promise i’ll get round to it…i’ve been lazy, actually i took it to work and didn’t bring the bag of goodies home…i’ll try get it out in time for Xmas…that goes for everyone else as well, i haven’t forgotton just been way too busy etc.

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