Whiskey Squad Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

Whiskey Squad is the name of the Gears of War squad that I created in LEGO form almost two years ago. Well, a lot has changed since then, both with Lego customization techniques and the squad itself.

Times have not been easy since the sinking of Jacinto and some in Whiskey Squad did not survive. The squad originally consisted of 4 Gears, Hondo (squad leader), Deuce, Gideon and Teroch.

Over time, while battling Lambent and groups of Locust renegades, two members of the squad were lost. Teroch was killed while battling a Lambent Berserker, after being separated from the rest of the squad in a massive battle. The leader, Hondo was also killed during that same conflict.

Eventually two new members joined the squad (they were also the remaining survivors from their former squad). Their names are Anders (the new squad leader) and Tiberius. Now, with a full roster once again, Whiskey Squad continues their battle against the forces that threaten humanity.

What really stands-out with these Whiskey Squad minifigures is the orange and red colour scheme on the custom armour LEGO pieces. The painted detailing is fantastic and the weapons are awesome.

Geoshift is always raising the bar, and if you are thinking about starting minifig customisation we definitely recommend looking at his other customs.

Finally the background and photograph sets the scene nicely and showcases his work.