WEIRD WAR II weapon prototypes

WEIRD WAR II weapon prototypes
WEIRD WAR II weapon prototypes by Shobrick

shobrick is fast becoming one of my favorite custom minifig makers, his minifigs aren’t as painted as jasbrick but he’s got talent with a camera and a scalpel as these custom minifig guns converted from various custom minifig accessory makes shows.

in other news, rumor has it, theres going to be a series 4 set of lego collectors minifigs, including the following
* The Monster
* Surfing Girl
* Sailor
* Kimono Girl
* Punk
* Viking
* Speed Skater
* Hockey Player
* Skateboarder
* Man in Safety Suit
* Musketeer
* Werewolf
* Artist
* Mad Professor
* Football Player
* Garden Gnome

this being said, nothing has been officially confirmed and there are a couple of minifig there that seem inaccurate, the skate boarder for example has already been done.
it’s been stated that TLG has designs in place up through Series 5, so it is possible that this is ‘real’ information but we’ll have to wait and see, we’ve still got series 3 to look forwards to before hand in time for Xmas anyways!

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