Vapourlypse Custom Minifigures

Vapourlypse is a very nice range of custom minifigures by Bowbrick, Bricko, and General JJ combining the elegance of steampunk with the harshness of apoc.

In 1869, Prime Minister Gladstone, dissatisfied with the way Queen Victoria was leading the Imperialist Empire, led a coup against the Queen. The coup ended in the death of the Queen, and of Prime Minister Gladstone. In the months to follow the Empire fell into chaos and anarchy. A group of looters accidentally blew up a portion of the steam piping, underneath London, while trying to blast their way into the Air Museum to steal parts for their airship. The demolition of the piping lead to an explosion of the SteamCore, a steam reactor that powered the entire city.

Millions died, and the surrounding cities were cut off from all exported goods that they relied on to thrive. The entire Empire sank into misery. Millions more were killed by the anarchy.

Two years passed. The grand Imperialist Empire was barely a shadow of what it was before, and all surviving citizens had grouped into small colonies or farms, struggling to hold on to their lives.

To kick off Vapourlypse they have posted four custom minifigures, a farmer, soldier, aristocrat and explorer. They will also have a small collaboration at Brickfair, showcasing their idea of a Vapourlypse farm.

Photo courtesy of Bowbrick
Photo courtesy of General JJ
Photo courtesy of Bricko
Photo courtesy of General JJ

It is great that 3 members of Flickr have joined together to create a new group, and all the minifigures look great! Our favorites are the Soldier and Farmer!