Valkyrie Assassin Custom Minifigure

Valkyrie Assassin Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Valkyrie Assassin Custom Minifigure is the follow up to the excellent Valkyrie Destroyer Custom Minifigure by G-Bricks. Once again the minifigure boasts some great combinations between LEGO and third party accessories from SI-DAN.

The pilot mask looks fantastic under the LEGO hood piece and the Legends of Chima wings work really well. He comes with some combat legs from eclipsegrafx and is carrying a very nice crossbow and dagger.

Although we are used to seeing high quality sculpted LEGO minifigures from G-Bricks both these Valkyrie minifigs look great. Also the photograph setup works really well with a piece of glass used for the reflection.

Very nice!!