UAI Hatch Furma

Custom minifig UAI Hatch Furma

UAI Hatch Furma – a custom minifig creation by DirkNagel

really nice ideas on this custom minifig, the splatter effect is pretty awesome and really fits with that chainsaw gun thingy. the splatter effect can be very easily achieved, you get some paint on to a thick and heavy brush (even a tooth brush works), then with a ruler or a finger you draw back the bristles away from the minifig, that results in the paint being flicked at the minifig, if the thickness of the paint is right, you get this kind of effect. what i also like about this custom minifig is the shoulder pads made from visors.

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One thought on “UAI Hatch Furma

  1. I would’ve liked to see the splatters more localized (ie, focused around the weapon-side of the figure instead of evenly spread over the figure), but the effect is wonderfully creepy.

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