Twi’lek Custom Minifigure Packs

Twi'lek Custom Minifigure Packs

Arealight have finished the Twi’lek custom minifigure revamp and are now providing packs! Each pack will contain a set of their custom pieces that go together nicely to help get you started with putting together minfigures.

The first wave of Twi’lek packs contain: 1* Printed Tentacle Head, 1* Printed Curved Torso, 1* Head Scarf and 1* Loincloth.

Twi'lek Custom Minifigure Rear Printing

Arealight decided to go back and make a few edits to their old curved torso designs that lacked back printing. These revamps will have back printing to all of them and possibly few additional changes. They have also added an updated version of the head in sand blue, blue, light flesh, yellow and sand green.

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