trooper, para, another trooper

trooper, para, another trooper
trooper, para, another trooper by timeforacatnap

Heres some more minifigs i made for custom minifig, from the right is the painted trooper which uses some Hazel parts and a lego starwars snow trooper helmet, painted with a loose tiger stripe theme, in the middle is a custom minifig paratrooper with a jump pack including an emergency chute, lastly another custom minifig this time with Hazel parts unpainted and a vietnam inspired M1 helmet, with ace of spades death card a pack of smokes and ‘born to kill’ painted onto the side. Hopefully you’ll like these, and hopefully this will give Jasbrick a run for his money too! 😛

One thought on “trooper, para, another trooper

  1. Hey!… just too good. It is great to see some amazing figs from you. These truly are first class. My particular favourite is the Paratrooper, however the hat with the painted ace on it is a close second. Lots of good ideas to copy 😉 so I am very happy to see this.

    My only suggestion would be to take the images against a proper background, as this will make them look even better.


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