Tron – Kevin Flynn custom minifig

Custom minifig Tron - Kevin Flynn custom minifig

Tron – Kevin Flynn custom minifig – a custom minifig creation by Family Bricks

i cant wait till tron comes out on itunes rental yes i’m too poor to see it in the cinema, so please visit the sites sponsors, all charitable donations greatly accepted and will be put forwards as contributions to my meager wedding fund! 3,2,1, and back in the roo,.
the coat on this custom minifig is pretty decent looks like a united artists coat, the round data disk is a brickarms proto that glows in the dark, and aside from these two elements this isn’t really a custom minifig so it barely made it on here but its cool so it did and now you can appreciate it too…and be jealous that you weren’t lucky enough to get a brickarms proto.

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