Tomcat Custom Minifigure Collection

Tomcat Custom Minifigure Collection
Photo courtesy of Tomcat

Tomcat has been a member of the LEGO Flickr community since August 2012 and he has a great custom minifigure collection taking inspiration from military and Skyrim themes. (Click on the link above for a larger image)

From left to right, top to bottom:

U.S. Marine
Modern Spec. Ops
Vietnam Soldier
U.S. Army Ranger
WW2 Winter German
WW1 German Soldier
UCP Camo (SFOD-D Phase 3)
Ebony Warrior
Sven Artolin
Daedric Armor
Stahlrim Armor
Wolf Armor
Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor
SFOD-D Phases 1-2
Winter Camo Soldier

Tomcat has put together a very nice collection – which is your favourite?