TMC Superior Shindig 2022

The Minifig Co Superior Shindig was between November 25-28th 2023 and was the most anticipated custom LEGO© event of the TMC calander.

This shindig was filled with many new minifigures of a large variety, restocks of popular accessories and new printed accessories.

It featured minifigures from WW1, Modern, WWII, Pop Culture & More!

WWI included Belgium, French Infantry, Harlem Hell Fighters, German, Italian, USA, Australian British and Bulgarian minifigures.

WWII included Soviet and German (Totenkoph, Leibermuster and Winter Camo) minifigures.

Modern included US Woodland Marpat and US Air Crew.

The Superior Shindig was open to passholders if they spent $100 however left overs were available after the event.

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